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Manage classes, subjects, teachers, enrollments, timetabling, pupil payments and school expenditure, continuous assessment, etc.


Student enrollments, faculty and course administration, exam and class timetabling, accounts and student payments, results management, hostel management and announcements through SMS and email.


Protection needed for your computers. We bring it to you at very competitive prices with discounts of over 60%

Helping you shape your future...

??? What We Do

Gladtidings Software Limited provides a range of IT services and products. We believe the future is spelled ‘S.O.F.T.W.A.R.E’.
Hence we aim at helping our clients and customers shape theirs.
Our services include developing software on request to meet clients’ specific needs, Local Area Networking and in-house IT training. This training involves short computer related courses such as MS Office, Statistical packages like R and SPSS as well as basic computer programming.

??? What We Have Done

Gladtidings has developed two software applications. The first targeting primary and secondary schools and the second targeting tertiary institutions such as learning centers, colleges and universities. These applications address common information management aspects.
The aspects include: student enrollments, faculty and course administration, timetabling, accounting and monitoring of student payments, results management and learner performance tracking. These come with support for internal and external communication through SMS and email.
In addition, we also offer, off-the-shelf, a world-class security solution – eScan Antivirus and Internet Security by MicroWorld Technologies. eScan is sorely designed to give your IT infrastructure absolute protection with features including vulnerability scanning, password managers, a file shredder, etc.

Helping you shape your future...



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